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Handicap 1.5 in football betting: Decoding the strategies of playing with a 1.5 goal handicap by experts


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Dec 30, 2023
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What is Handicap 1.5 in football betting? Unravel the formula to calculate earnings with the 1.5 goal handicap swiftly and simply. Discover with wintips effective methods for playing Handicap 1.5 for bettors.

What is Handicap 1.5?
Handicap 1.5 is a type of bet where players predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams in 90 minutes will be more (Over) or less (Under) than 1.5.
Other names for Handicap 1.5: Handicap 1 1/2 or Handicap 1.5 goals.
Symbol on the Malaysian online betting odds board: 1 1/2
Scenarios in Handicap 1.5 betting:
If the total number of goals in the match is 2 or more, those who choose Over (Tài) win the bet, while those who choose Under (Xỉu) lose.
If the total number of goals is less than or equal to 1, those who choose Over (Tài) lose, while those who choose Under (Xỉu) win.
1.5 is the goal handicap.
0.87 is the odds for Under, for instance, betting 100k and winning 87k.
0.97 is the odds for Over, for instance, betting 100k and winning 97k.
Calculating earnings in Handicap 1.5 betting:
To accurately calculate earnings in Handicap 1.5 betting at betting site wintips , players can use the following formula:
Profit = Capital x Odds
Illustrative example:
If you bet 100k on Over:
If the total number of goals is 2 or more, you win 87k (100 x 0.87 = 87k).
If the total number of goals is 1 or less, you lose the 100k wager.
Similarly, if you bet 100k on Under:
If the total number of goals is 2 or more, you lose the 100k wager.
If the total number of goals is 1 or less, you win 97k (100 x 0.97 = 97k).
Kinh nghiệm chơi tài xỉu 1.5

Guide to betting on Over/Under 1.5 goals
Before analyzing today's matches for Over/Under 1.5 goals betting, it's important to understand some methods:
When to bet on Over/Under 1.5 goals:
Over/Under 1.5 goals bets usually appear in extremely crucial matches, such as in EURO or the World Cup.
The occurrence of Over/Under 1.5 goals is highest in national leagues like Nigeria, Argentina, or Algeria.
When not to bet on Over/Under 1.5 goals:
If the Over/Under 1.5 goals bet appears in regular leagues, it could signal match-fixing. (SOA BETs previously reported that up to 59.95% of matches with Over/Under 1.5 goals in regular leagues were manipulated.)
When the Over/Under 1.5 goals bet appears with significantly high odds, it might be a trap.
When to choose Over (Over 1.5 goals):
Opt for Over if the match meets conditions like:
Both teams have relatively equal strengths and are capable of scoring two or more goals in the entire match.
The initial 15-30 minutes show relentless attacking play from both sides.
One of the teams possesses superstars or quality strikers in their lineup.
Both teams have an open attacking style and frequently score goals.
The total goals conceded in the last 5 matches by both teams is more than 12.
When to choose Under (Under 1.5 goals):
If these signs emerge, consider choosing Under:
One of the teams is Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Chile, Denmark, etc., in international tournaments or clubs like Liverpool, Wolves, Atletico, etc. These teams usually have solid defenses with a low conceding rate.
Issues regarding goal scoring for both teams, failing to score 5 goals in the last 5 matches.
The nature of the match is merely procedural without many goalscoring opportunities.

Experience in betting on Over/Under 1.5 goals:
Some soccer tips to consider when betting on Over/Under 1.5 goals in football:
Select matches you understand thoroughly.
Even if it's a rare bet, don't rush into it; thoroughly observe before investing to avoid falling into bookmakers' traps.
Play on reputable platforms with clear addresses.
Conduct thorough research before placing bets or investing.

Here, Wintips has shared insights on Over/Under 1.5 goals, how to calculate, and the most effective playing strategies. Consider participating if you find this bet suitable. Wishing you all big wins!


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Jan 25, 2024
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